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Programming & Schematic Design

Mose Associates provides assistance to craft a project description of size and space needs, the relationship between all spaces and the character and detailed function of each space, all within the context of either a new or existing environment. When completed, the program will identify the overall size and desired character of the project. This is the first step in the design process. 

Once the initial program and site analysis have been established, we prepare design presentations of alternative program options using both hand sketches and advanced computer graphics.  This process helps us to clarify the program, identify any design constraints and give form to the vision of our client.  Our primary goal during this phase of the work is to give form to the clients vision, respond to site criteria, assess environmental impacts and determine a preliminary working budget. We maintain an open, working relationship with many quality contractors, while maintaining our independence in order to represent our clients effectively and ethically. Through these relationships we can be continually mindful of a project's cost and keep the owner apprised throughout the design process.

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